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Xennanews – for easy Usenet access and high-quality services

Xennanews serves Internet Service Providers (ISPs) and other Usenet Providers all across the globe.

Xennanews only facilitates access to Usenet and does not select Usenet articles. We offer complete access to all articles exchanged on Usenet.

Even though we are relatively new to the market, we have a thorough understanding of the Usenet market and access within our company to extensive Usenet experience. Xennanews has already acquired a broad customer base and is able to ensure a high guaranteed uptime – based on our own completely scalable and proven in–house technology. This provides us with a reliable and robust platform and the ability to continue expanding as more Internet Service Providers and Usenet Providers join our customer-base.

Meeting the need for more Usenet speed and storage

Today, the daily newsfeed traffic on Usenet contains about 20 million articles with more than 8 Terabytes of data and requires high-end networking.

This means that Usenet server farms face enormous challenges. We believe our ability to provide the increasing speed and storage capacity required to meet these needs will ensure we gain a solid position in the global Usenet market.